The Energy Problem

Global Impact of Burning Fossil Fuels

CO2 in the atmosphere is now at 35% and 402.9 ppm. The safe zone is 350ppm and so mankind must do everything to address this trend. Renewable Energy systems now offer a real alternative to oil, gas and electricity and the UK Government is currently encouraging the take up of these carbon neutral systems that do not contribute to global warming.

The UK has committed to meeting a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and has introduced incentives for house holders and businesses to install renewable energy which required to meet the legal obligation.

Global Impact of Burning Fossil Fuels

Everybody knows that energy bills are going through the roof but it is really helpful to look at the rises since 1998.

  • Electricity up 100%
  • Gas up 195%
  • Heating Oil up 428%

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